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EO Bill Headed to the General Assembly

Virginia Delegate Glenn R. Davis calls it the “EO Bill.”

This week, the former president of Entrepreneurs’ Organization Southeast Virginia introduced the EO Bill to the Virginia General Assembly.
What does the “EO Bill” do?

Davis says House Bill 1278 is a win-win for employers and for employees.

He says the idea for the bill formed during conversations with other EO members at an EO-sponsored legislative event.  They are all business owners in the Hampton Roads area who came up with a solution to a problem regarding business hiring and unemployment costs.
House Bill 1278 increases the time an employer has to vet an employee from 30 to 60 days before unemployment compensation becomes the responsibility of that new employer.
Essentially, it gives employers 30 more days to evaluate a new employee, Davis said.
The process is just beginning.  It first must go through the committee process.
But if it passes, Davis said, “EO can take credit for the concept, having the bill introduced inthe General Assembly, and making changes to the law.”
For more information, you can reach out to Delegate Davis at (757) 802-4982.
For details on HB 1278, click here: