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Defining Success Through KPI Dashboards

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Every Wednesday morning we review our KPI (key performance indicators) dashboard.

Sounds corporate, right? You could say that, but they help us focus on our goals.

These KPIs vary from things like how much new revenue we’ve collected over the last week, how much we’ve lost, NPS (net promoter score), the number of times we have posted on social media, and a whole bunch of other stats.

We started about a year and a half ago when we really didn’t know much about KPIs, or what would constitute a good one.

Over time we refined our KPIs, and every quarter we update our goals.

KPIs are color coded — green if we’ve achieved the quarterly goal; red if we haven’t. So at a glance, you know where you’re kicking ass and where you’re not.

Every quarter the KPIs start off red — we set stretch goals for ourselves — and turn green one by one over the next 12 weeks.

Recently, for the first time ever, our board was 100% green! I was excited. The team was excited.

But I was most excited that the team was excited. They had achieved their goals, and they were proud of their achievement. These KPI meant something to the team. Their work meant something to them.

You get what you measure.

Want performance?

Want an engaged team?