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West Coast Video

The hot technology of the late 1980s was video tapes. After my father retired from the Air Force, he opened a video rental franchise named ...
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Learn from the mistakes of others

The best way to learn is to experience something for yourself. As an entrepreneur, you typically do this through trial and error. You try something, ...
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Sometimes just let it fail

I was clearly on the right path in my career. After being a project manager for a few years at my last employer, they rewarded ...
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Communication is always the problem

I was told this years ago by my Program Manager when I was working as a DoD contractor. A retired Commander in the US Navy, ...
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There’s never enough time

Ever feel like there’s never enough time in the day? Everyone should always be trying to increase their work efficiency. Do more with less. Work ...
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Defining Success Through KPI Dashboards

Every Wednesday morning we review our KPI (key performance indicators) dashboard. Sounds corporate, right? You could say that, but they help us focus on our ...
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