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About EO Accelerator

EO Accelerator is designed for ambitious entrepreneurs eager to join a network of business owners with shared visions and challenges. Whether it's joint ventures, partnerships, or co-creating projects with accountability groups, a vibrant community can be the growth catalyst your business needs. Commit to tactical growth through our proven curriculum and experience rapid economic development and stability in 24 months.


Be a Part of Something Great

Jennifer Del-Castillo_alt

When I left my full-time job to join our family business we decided to join the Accelerator program at the same time. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs are not given an operating manual for business. We needed support to make the right decisions and learned from others in the program.  The friendships that we have made and the support we have received has been priceless.

Jennifer Del-Castillo
LeZandra McGinnis-McKeon_alt

EOA has been a tremendous part of my personal and professional growth. Between the monthly Accountability Group meetings that help me meet my goals, to the Quarterly Learning Events that help me define my strategy and work through roadblocks, the value is tremendous. Beyond all of this, I love having a community that I can turn to in times of need to work through things most non-entrepreneurs wouldn’t understand.

LeZandra McGinnis-McKeon
Ed Hopper

I joined the Accelerator Program to help grow my company.  The personalized strategies from the accountability groups to the quarterly learning days as well as the collaborative environment have been priceless. The impact on my company and my life has been incredible. I highly recommend the Accelerator Program for any entrepreneur seeking tangible growth.

Ed Hopper
Jessica Quintero-Howard_alt

EO has been a transformative force, surrounding me with visionary entrepreneurs. The quarterly Accelerator Learning Days have provided invaluable insights, propelling my personal, professional, and financial growth. The organization’s mentorship and shared experiences have elevated my mindset and connected me with opportunities that have significantly impacted my entrepreneurial journey. I highly recommend the Accelerator program for ambitious individuals.

Jessica Quintero-Howard
Brett Pyka_alt

The EO Accelerator program has been transformative! With expert guidance, I’ve nearly doubled my business revenue. From strategy to staffing, it has provided invaluable practices, empowering me to optimize every aspect. I’m extremely grateful for the guidance I have received in process development, KPI tracking and financial insights. I highly recommend the EO Accelerator program for entrepreneurial growth!

Brett Pyka

Opportunities for First-Stage Entrepreneurs

  • Access structured educational content on key topics such as strategy, finance, marketing, sales, and operations
  • Leverage peer-to-peer learning and real-world experience from other entrepreneurs who are facing similar challenges and opportunities
  • Connect with world-class accountability coaches who can give guidance, advice, and connections
  • Find your place within a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs who share your vision and passion
  • Elevate your membership through events offering learning, networking, and growth opportunities exclusive to large and thriving businesses

Follow an Individualized, Workshop-Based Curriculum

Our quarterly educational learning days address your growing business's core challenges and opportunities and offer actionable insights and plans to help you evolve and achieve rapid growth.


People Day

Align personnel with company goals through effective hiring, culture-building, and coaching.


  • How to build the right culture in your business through core values
  • Practices for finding and hiring the right people for the jobs
  • How to grade your team in a systemic way
  • Job scorecards for hiring and grading current employees
  • The keys to coaching your employees to reach their potential

Execution Day

Maintain high performance through efficient processes and accountability, ensuring success doesn't give way to complacency.


  • How to rebound from a crisis
  • 10 Habits checklist that will reduce 80% business management time
  • Key KPIs that evolve your execution
  • 3 goals to achieve in the next 90 days for business success
  • Better business processes
  • How to create a culture of accountability
  • Rockefeller 2.0 habits

Cash Day

Cash flow management is crucial to sustaining and accelerating growth—gain strategies for improving your cash positions.


  • The 4 cycles of cash conversion
  • The 3 categories of cashflow improvement
  • How to calculate your cash conversion cycle (CCC)
  • 7 Ways to double your cashflow in the next 12 months
  • The power of 1%
  • 12 opportunities to defy the first law of entrepreneurial gravity

Strategy Day

Inspire sustainable growth from the inside out by refining your business purpose, values, and strategic objectives.


  • Business values, purpose, and competencies
  • Business industry frameworks
  • Strategic planning for your business future

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What exactly is the EO Accelerator program?

The EO Accelerator program is a comprehensive learning initiative designed to help entrepreneurs scale their businesses beyond the $1M mark. Participants gain direct access to mentoring, peer learning, and expert guidance, focusing on the crucial areas of Strategy, Execution, Cash, and People.

Business founders or owners with annual revenues between $250,000 and $1 million are eligible. For venture-backed companies, private fundraising between $250,000 and $999,999 qualifies. Applicants should have a keen interest in rapid business growth and an aspiration to join EO upon reaching the $1M revenue milestone.

Participants should expect to dedicate time for four full-day learning events annually, 8-12 accountability group meetings, typically 2-4 hours per month, and any additional time needed to apply what they’ve learned to their business.

Yes, both partners can participate, but each must apply and be accepted separately, and individual participant fees are required.

EO is piloting an all-virtual Global program for applicants from any location. You can get more details by emailing accelerator@eonetwork.org.

On reaching the $1M revenue mark, celebrate your achievement and notify your local EO Accelerator leadership. You’ll then apply for EO membership using the EO Accelerator graduate application.

The EO Accelerator programs are run by local EO Chapters, with EO members driving the program’s execution. EO, a global network of over 10,000 entrepreneurs, provides the framework and resources for these programs.

Move Your Business Forward

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